Do you dream of adventure along the world’s endless highways?




Friends since childhood, Ernie and Ken currently live on opposite sides of the world, but that doesn’t stop them from meeting up to enjoy their favourite activity together. Road tripping. And not just any old road trips. Ernie and Ken hit the highway (or dirt in many cases) on intrepid overland journeys exploring fascinating cultures, food and stunning landscapes along the way. But the road can be rough and working closely with friends for months at a time while living out of a truck is just the beginning.

Ernie, the care-free adventurer from New Zealand, constantly challenges Ken as well as himself to get the most out of any experience, sometimes pushing too far with disastrous results. For Ken, a work-a-holic Manhattan professional, the fear of being away from family and out of his comfort zone is ever present and this road is going to take him far from Madison Avenue. At the crossroads of life exotic locations quickly become mere supporting roles in Ernie and Ken’s personal accounts of comedy, triumph and discovery. At the core are old friends with contrasting personalities who find common ground in the desire for adventure and the freedom of the open road.


Interview Beach

In 2011 Light Refinery Studios created and began production on Road Trip Earth.  The pilot episode was shot on location throughout the South Island of New Zealand.  The second episode, “Baja”, followed the Road Trip Earth team south of the border into Mexico and down the entire length of the Baja Peninsula from LAX to Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas.  The next episode, “Iceland” is currently in pre-production. Further development plans include a season dedicated to driving the entire length of the Pan-American Highway. “Road Trip Earth- Pan-America” will be an eight episode journey following Ernie and Ken south from northern most Alaska to the southern tip of South America through some of the most amazing terrain and cultures the world has to offer.

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