This is the EV we’ve been waiting for.

Automotive startup Rivian finally introduced the world to the R1T at the recent 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. What makes us so excited? Unlike previous offerings from other manufacturers, the R1T does not seem encumbered with the usual compromises inherent to EV technology as we have come to know it over recent years.  In fact, the R1T is shaping up to be more like the modern truck the world has been waiting to see. Actually, that is a HUGE understatement- and here’s why.

400 Miles

That’s impressive.  The 180kW (750hp) option will get you 400 miles of range.  That’s enough to get you from L.A. to San Francisco or San Francisco to Redwood National Park and beyond all on one charge!  The R1T will come in two smaller versions – the  135kW (700hp) battery will get you over 300 miles while the smallest, a 105kW (400hp) package will get you safely over 200 miles of range. The batteries are capable of charging rates at 160kW allowing for 200 miles of range to be added to the “tank” in just 30 minutes.

Super Car Acceleration

Yes! The 180kW batter will see you get from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds while the mid sized 135kW option will launch you from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat. The smallest 105kW battery will do it in 4.9.  All models will have a maximum speed of 125 miles per hour and come with all-wheel drive utilizing individual electric motors on each wheel.

Gear Storage

The Rivian R1T boasts having more lockable storage area than any other pickup in the world and includes a 350 liter gear tunnel that spans the entire width of the vehicle between the cab and bed of the truck – ideal for stowing anything from snowboards to golf bags to camping gear.  The bed of the R1T is can made water tight using the integrated tonneau cover and also hides a 200 liter sealed bin that can store a full sized spare tire.  For added security the bed has a camera that monitors the contents of the bed and will alert the owner of any tampering. Damn.

The Tech

Rivian has developed the vehicle software from scratch which operates on high speed ethernet allowing for “over-air” updates. The seamless cloud based system emanates from a 15.6″ touch screen and should make for a unique driver/passenger experience in any environment. Cameras, radar, lidar, ultrasonic sensors, extensive connectivity and more will make the R1T a “Level 3” self driving vehicle.  That means no hands -no eyes required while on the highway. As for the structure of the R1 the patented design of the “skateboard” platform keeps all of the batteries, motors and suspension below wheel height allowing for the colossal amount of room and storage up top. This platform is so slick that Italian design firm, Pininfarina, is rumored to be interested in using it to create a luxury SUV that would rival the Lamborghini Urus. 

It does what an EV 4×4  SHOULD do.

This is is a big one. The R1T is no grocery getting EV masquerading as a 4×4 truck.  This thing has an 11,000 pound towing capacity which is massive for its size and the payload of about 1,800 pounds places it somewhere between the latest Ranger and Tacoma pickups.  Also, the R1T aims to perform in a multitude of conditions.  It has an off-road ground clearance of 350mm and if you’re worried about those electric wheel motors getting wet- Rivian says that sloshing through up to three feet of water is not a problem.  And before we forget – there are three 110 volt outlets in the bed as well as integrated compressed air.


Indeed – the R1T is sexy as hell and, not unlike other sexy things in the world, the Rivian R1T will not come cheap. Upon release in 2020, the base model will start at $69,000 with upgrade packages pushing to price to around $100,000 so better start saving now. But remember, it’s not often enough that we come across something new and exciting that captures our hearts and imaginations the way this truck has. A new era in adventure vehicles is being ushered in and we simply cannot wait to put this pioneer to the test on the ultimate road trip.